People of Interest
Here at Robfucious, we
believe that there are
people...that get lost in the
shuffle. Their gems either
get overlooked or not
appreciated for the
brilliance that radiates from

And sometimes...there will
be a quartz instead of a
diamond, but quartz can
also be beautiful and even
a 7 on the Mohs scale isn't
something to sneeze at.

This page is dedicated to
the quartzes, rubies,
diamonds, opals and even a
spectacular zirconium.
This interview is with lounge lizard/semi-Elvis
impersonator/singer, 'Rockin' Jerry Chiusano. Find out what
makes him tick, his drive to bring the classics to life and how
he keeps the party going, even while taking five.
R:   Thanks for being the first of many interviews at Robfucious, Jerry.

JC: Thanks for having me!

R:   So, what drove you to become a singer? Did you have a family member
inspire you or a favorite singer?

JC: My dad was a musician, and my mom was a singer. Both sang
professionally. So did her sister, my Aunt Barbara.
She sang professionally. So I guess I took after my mom and aunt. I was always
a ham since childhood and I still am.
The love of a good show and music drove me to become a singer/entertainer.

R:    How long have you been in the business?

JC:  I think over thirty years, maybe thirty-five.

R:    Do you have a funny story in regards to your act? Ever tackled a heckler?

JC: (laughs) I have always been a comedian at heart and love to 'mess with the
audience'. So if someone heckled me
during my performance, I would mess with him right back! I love when an
audience can have a laugh.

R:   Is stage fright a major issue after all these years?

JC:  I don't get nervous unless I'm performing for co-workers during the day or if I
knew another musician was in the
audience. But once the lights go up and I'm on stage...I'm on.

R:   You bear a striking resemblance to Elvis? Have you ever thought about
donning a jumpsuit?

JC: I used to own an Elvis outfit years ago. I wouldn't mind doing a tribute for the

R:  If your singing career ended, would would you do?

JC: I would try my hand at acting. My problem is that I tend to get a case of the
giggles. Just ask my brother Tony
about that, LOL.

R:   What songs would you be embarrassed to have people find out that you like?

JC:  "Hit Me Baby One More Time," by Brittney Spears. Don't tell people that.

R:   Mum's the word. Scenario:  You're opening for a band at the Superdome.
Who is it?

JC:  Alice Cooper, hands down.

R:  Have you ever written any original music?

JC: Back in the 90s I wrote the lyrics to a line dance called "The Burn Up." But
we didn't record it and we only
played it a few times. I wouldn't mind trying my hand at it again.

R:  What can we expect from you in the future?

JC: Part time playing on weekends at some local bar until I hit the big time.

Hit it hard, Jerry. Hit it hard.
Early Jerry
Later Jerry