Nuggets o' Wisdom
As a part time philosophiser, I find myself collecting little 'nuggets of wisdom' and passing them down to those who are in
need of knowledge, but mostly to people who want me to shut up. This page is for either camp.

The beauty of nuggets is that they are optional. If one fits you for the moment, use it. Life is a series of moments anyway...
1) Even the smallest pebble makes ripples when thrown into the ocean. Unless it hits a rock
outcropping. Then it just sits there until something else knocks it into the water. It could hit
some marine life, but I'd advise against striking a sea creature unless you have no other
recourse to protect yourself.

2) When in doubt, go with Occam's razor. Simplicity is easy and universal. In fact, it might
have been easier to say that and not mention Occam's razor. Kinda moot anyway since
Occam no longer uses a razor and has instead opted to keeping a bushy beard. I don't
judge him for his decision.

3) A sense of humor and driving skills are two traits that people profess to be good in and
will rebuke you if you state otherwise. Except for me. My sense of humor is pretty good,
unless you talk to Mrs. Robfucious. She thinks Janeane Garofolo is funnier than John

4) It is okay to like a team who is not your home team. Jumping ship when your team has a
bad year is rather weak. A series of bad years may be acceptable. If your favorite player
leaves the team, then you're good. I know people who follow certain players instead of the
entire team.

5) You don't have to agree with any of my sayings. I don't always agree with my sayings.
Sometimes it is wiser to be like the stream. Flow around obstacles if you cannot wear them