People of Interest
Here at Robfucious, we
believe that there are
people...that get lost in the
shuffle. Their gems either
get overlooked or not
appreciated for the
brilliance that radiates from

And sometimes...there will
be a quartz instead of a
diamond, but quartz can
also be beautiful and even
a 7 on the Mohs scale isn't
something to sneeze at.

This page is dedicated to
the quartzes, rubies,
diamonds, opals and even a
spectacular zirconium.
Hi Tony. How are you doing?

I’m doing good, thank you for having me here today.

Let’s start from the beginning (as opposed to say, the middle). Please have a seat on the psychiatrist
couch. So, tell us what guided you on the acting path.

Well, I was looking for a 2nd job to make some extra money. I discovered an ad for background actors
for a movie being film here in New Orleans. The first day I stepped foot on set, I knew I should have
been doing this all my life.

Who were some of your influences?

Jerry Lewis, Elvis Presley and my dad.  He wasn’t in movies but he made everyone laugh wherever he

Do you have a dream role?

I do..  to bring back clean comedy. To do a film with no curse words, no sex,  and no nudity. Today that’s
all Hollywood puts out. TRASH.   I want to make people laugh like the old days without using dirty humor
to do it.

I would be remiss if I don’t mention “The Dojo.” I had some time and pulled up the video. I see you
channeling Jerry Lewis in the role (now I gotta see if Jerry Lewis is still alive…hang on…yup, still is). Did
you have a blast making the short? When will we see Dojo 2: Electric Bugaloo?

The dojo was my homage and tribute to honor my on screen hero, Jerry Lewis.  it was not easy to shoot.
it was a big cast and hard to get everyone there on weekends at the same time, but we did have a blast
filming it. I would love to do a part 2 someday.  I’m still trying to get Mr. Lewis to see the film and what he
thinks of it, LOL.

Was 12 Rounds your first film?

No.  I was an extra in Final Destination 4. I worked 5 days on it, but you don’t see me in it.  LOL.

I did a little research on IMDb. Gotta love that site. Find out all kinds of interesting things. For instance,
did you know you were on NCIS: New Orleans as a henchman? Being a Scott Bakula fan from Quantum
Leap, I have to ask…did you talk with him?

Yes.  Scott Bakula  is a very cool down to earth guy. I sat across from him at lunch. Me and another actor
were doing a photo shoot for the show on set and he stopped by to say what a good job we were doing.  
I hope to work with him soon.

A well respected singer I know (Jerry Chiusano) asked me to ask you about Joe Dirt 2, especially how
you made Christopher Walken laugh.

LOL!  Joe Dirt 2. Watching Christopher Walken work was a great experience.  We were on set and he
stood to my left. I could feel him looking at us, all dressed like mafia goombas, so I started twitching and
looking at him, turning my head back and forth making a funny mafia face. He busted out laughing on the
third time. Either he thought I was really in character or I was and…either way I loved it.

Did you impersonate him? I sometimes wonder how many times people do that to him.

No, I can’t do a good Walken impersonation.

What can you tell us about your role in Candles (in pre-production as of this interview).

Candles..  it’s a film about the camp scout murders that happened in the mid 70's.  Three young children
were killed at camp and they  never caught the real killer. I play OSBI Agent Roger Chrisco, the agent
that tampered with the evidence. Not a good guy. John Schneider is playing the lead role and I look
forward to working with him in the fall when we start filming.

Any other projects in the works?

I’m getting ready for our second run of the stage play, SEND IN THE CLOWN. I play Joey, mafia goomba
and the voice of the priest. It’s a funny and dramatic play. Feb 20th, 21st, and 22nd  at the Allways
lounge in the back theater.

That should wrap it up, but we’re given you three stupid questions as a thank you.

1)      What snack would you eat while watching someone you dislike getting doused with garbage, in
public?  Hostess Ding Dongs.

2)   Boxing match between Ghandi and Mother Theresa. Who are you rooting for?  Mother Theresa, of
course! She’s the bomb.

3)   What would you do if given a working Green Lantern ring for 24 hours?  Fly around. That would be
awesome. Then be a superhero and save the world!
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