Here at Robfucious, we
believe that there are
people...that get lost in the
shuffle. Their gems either
get overlooked or not
appreciated for the
brilliance that radiates from

And sometimes...there will
be a quartz instead of a
diamond, but quartz can
also be beautiful and
even a 7 on the Mohs
scale isn't something to
sneeze at.

This page is dedicated to
the quartzes, rubies,
diamonds, opals and even
a spectacular zirconium.
r.o.b:        How are you doing?

d.o.n:        I’m well. Blessed. I can’t complain.

r.o.b:        When did you first say to yourself, “Now rapping…that’s my calling.”

d.o.n:        I’m still not completely sure of my calling as of yet. I think rap may be part of it though. I used to pray and ask God to give me one
thing to be good at, and I believe he gave me rap. But again, rapping is not the be all to end all, I think it’s only part of the overall picture of
my life. I believe God also has more important things for me to do, and learn. I ultimately made the decision to pursue it while going to
Delgado Community College where at the time, my major was dental hygiene. In my moments of discouragement, I often think I should’ve
stayed the course, yet here we are.

r.o.b:         Kudos to the name.  For some reason, I think of d.o.n. and images of Mafiosos appear.

d.o.n:        It’s because I was much too lazy to come up with a more interesting name. It’s an acronym that stands for determination.
overcomes. Negativity. I started off calling myself Big Don, but that was before I actually recorded music. I was still just writing at that point. I’
m about as connected to the mob as most black rappers, and that is usually in their own heads.

r.o.b:        That is a positive acronym and the world can always use positivity.

d.o.n:        It’s much better than the first version I came up with. True. But we’ve always lived in that world, but now we have access to, and
are inundated with more images and information about the world, so its’ more distressing. There’s still some good here.

r.o.b:        (nods) Kinda wonder what mine would be…r.o.b.

d.o.n:        Ruminating over book deals?

r.o.b:        (sighs) One day…one day…. Let’s talk a little about “Year of the Worker”. How did you come up with the title?

d.o.n:        I can’t say that there was much of a process in terms of coming up with a title. I usually come up with a title after I’m done with
about two or three songs that may not sounds like they fit together, but the sentiments behind them establish a theme. And at the beginning
of this year, I just started kinda saying, “This is the year”, and I call myself don the worker as well, so…even though next year may be the
year where the real push for this album happens.

r.o.b:        I’ve sampled the songs and I’ll be honest. The most rap I listen to is probably “Epic Rap Battles of History” on YouTube. But I did
listen and picked out a few songs: Hangman, Us, Searching and Faithful…the last one especially because of the lyrics about food additives
and I’ve always been pro unadulterated foods.

d.o.n:        Ah! Thank you. If you want to stream it free, go to The ERB’s are a really creative idea. I watched
a couple of them one day. Really entertaining stuff. As far as food additives, I could actually stand to learn more. I’m a non-insulin dependent
Type 2 diabetic, so I have to be really mindful what I put into my body. I have to be careful staying that as well, as my diet is not always the
most ideal, even though I’m usually good about keeping my diet in check.

r.o.b:        I did some digging and found Commercial Free Broadcast and Out the Loop.

d.o.n:        Nice. CFB is from 09, and was produced by a fellow artist and friend, Aaron ‘Dubla’ Thornton. He had been wanting to collaborate
on a project for a while and I never knew. We met through mutual artists/friends, and I had no clue that he was interested in doing anything
musically. We worked on it between Dec 08 and March 09. OTL was a home project from 2012, along with two other projects, because I
wanted to make a rap album for me. That’s why if you listen to the songs, they’re only about a minute or so long. I left them at one verse and
maybe a chorus.

r.o.b:        DMC of New Orleans gave you a glowing review for CFB, though the editor in me fretted over the continuous paragraph.

d.o.n:        ??? Somebody reviewed it?

r.o.b:        Would I lie? Don’t answer that.

d.o.n:        Wow…no clue. Thanks for telling me. Nice of DMC to say such positive things. It still surprises me to see that people dig what I do.

r.o.b:        Goes to show there is a market. So what’s next in the pipeline for d.o.n.?

d.o.n:        I hope to keep pushing Year as far as it’ll go, and I have something else but I can’t speak on it until it’s done. Working on being a
better Christian, husband and father, and writing…always writing.

r.o.b:        Can’t knock such admirable goals and can relate to the always writing portion. Thanks for your time, Don.

d.o.n:        Thanks so much for this, Rob

Now go and check out d.o.n's sound!   (link)
If you asked me for my top five albums, all of them would either
be alternative or indie music (secret: The Caesar's "Strawberry
Weed" is one of them and a very underated album).

But because I love alternative and indie musicians, that doesn't
mean that I shun all other music genres. I have been known to
enjoy a little Willie Nelson or the Hoodwinked Movie album, but
rap has always eluded me.

So I ventured forth, to educate myself in rap/hip hop and I
discovered d.o.n. Intrigued, I took a listen and enjoyed it enough
to talk with d.o.n. and below is the interview. Hope you enjoy
reading it as much as I enjoyed conducting it.
People of Interest
On My Way
Two great songs from d.o.n